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Uri Leviatan
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As promised I am attaching a short biography of myself as a child and a picture from the Sanhedria orphanage in late 1947. If Reuven met me then, that was the child he met. I am the little child in the very center of the picture flunged on both sides by the two big boys (I was not yet seven years old and they were about 11-12 years old).
The other picture is that of my own family, taken about 6-7 month ago. My wife, Rachel, my daughter Inbal (on the right), my son offir, (on the left) and Lior -- behind his parents. Also in the picture -- Tzur Kraus, Inbal's husband and our grand child Barry, and Pavani -- Offir's wife -- and their son Morrie, on his grandmother's lap.
Uri Leviatan

Prof. Uriel Leviatan - Biography in Hebrew

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