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SHAPIRO, AVRAHAM DUBER KAHANE was born in Kobryn in 1871, he studied
at the famous yeshiva in Volozhin founded by his great great
grandfather. He was known in Volozhin as the Iluy from Kobrin. At the
age of 21 he married the daughter of the great Yerucham from Minsk,
Rav Yeruchom Y. Perelman of Minsk, father-in-law of Rabbi Avrohom
DovBer Kahana-Shapiro studied in Kovno in his youth.

.Shapiro served as the Rabbi of Smolvitz at age 26 and published three
volumes of Talmudic research In 1912 he became Chief Rabbi of Kovno
Rabbi Avraham Dubar was the son of Zalman Sender Kahana of Kobrin and
was the grandson and the great-grandson of rabbi Chaim of Volozhin. He
was born in 1871 and died in 1943. In 1912 he became the head rabbi of
Kovno. He was 43 years old. He was the Representative of the Jews of
Lithuania He was the head rabbi of Kovno for thirty years. other then
a few years during World War I, he had to leave, and was replaced by
Rabbi Israel Nisan Prak. When he returned he was the president of the
Rabbis of Lithuania. He was a Zionist and wanted to go to Eretz Israel
but did not get the chance. He was already sick before the second
World War and went to Switzerland.His son, Yerucham Yehuda Leib, was a
well known lawyer in America. He sent him a telegram asking him to
leave Europe in 1939 as war started. He refused to leave saying that
it is like a captain leaving a sinking ship before others. He returned
to Kovno. In 1941 he walked in front of the rest of the Jewish
community when the Germans made them register. He would give advice to
the Jews in the Ghetto and Rav Ephraim Oshry recorded it in a book..
Rabbi Abraham Duber Shapiro died on Adar 22nd 1943. He died of
illness, it was only one day after the Yahrzeit of his most
illustrious predecessor Rabbi Yitzchak Elchanan Spector.
Despite of the danger many Jews attended the Burial of Rabbi Avraham
Duber Shapiro, Chief Rabbi of Kovno, who died after a long illness in
ghetto Kovno.