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Badana nee Pitov was the daughter of Keila nee Spektor/ Levitan, she
was born in Kurenets c 1902. Badana came to Eretz Israel in 1924 and
married Yaakov Dori (1899–1973) who was the first
Chief of Staff of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF).
Schneur, check this out
http://chabad.info/bm/index.php?...=goto_id& id=132
Turns out Rav Landa z'l is you landsman.
berl, crown heights | 04.13.05 - 7:29 pm | #


Thank you. i saw this several weeks ago. And I later contacted him.
Berger also wrote an article on Kurnitz the town in BM .Footnote no. 1
is about my uncle Reb Zalman Kurnitzer (Alperowitz) of Kurenitz, Nevel
and Leningrad.
Schneur | 04.13.05 - 8:10 pm | #


My late father as a post bar mitzva bachur studied with Hillke Landa ,
- gemora mit rashi- as a private student for 3-4 years .
Hillke was the younger brother of R. Yankev. He did not become the rav
because he was an alter bachur and the eylem would not hear of it. An
illuy atzum !
So Anash brought rav Uszpol, a opuster hasid, (Reb Berel's father) and
the eylem brought rav Feldman . Later everyone was killed .
My father said Hillke looked like YIBlechaim tovim aruchim Rav Moshe
My father had dozens of stories about Hillke, R. Yankev and the
original R. Moshe leib . I recorded many of them .
But who knows if they will ever be printed.
It was reb Yankev who sent my uncle to Tomche Tmimmim , which my
father remembered as a little boy and never saw his brother again.
So now they are all in alma deKeshot.Chaside kurnitz .
Schneur | 04.13.05 - 8:18 pm | #


Since my father was born in Chodesh Nisan and as such named after the
Zemach Zedek, I will note the following in his memory.(Actually the
memory of all Kurenitzer and the zemach Zedek)
Kurnitz had a large chabad community with chassidishe shochetim a rav
even a more horahe Reb Ureh ,Hayad.
2 Kurnitzer became roshe yeshiva in TTL my uncle Reb Zalman and Rabbi
Berel Gorfinkel.
The original Malach rabbi Levine spent lots of time in K, even though
he was a native of Ilya.
Reb Moshe layzer Kramer considered Kurnitz his home town .
The Zemach Zedek visited Kurenitz .
The landau family was meshadech with the zemach Zedek.
My father was zoche to have 2 yechidusen with the Rayaatz in the
1930's and described them in a very special manner which I again
Not bad for a small town of under 1,000 Yideen. hashem Yinkom damam
Schneur | 04.13.05 - 8:27 pm | #

For my Alperovich relatives, I want to pay a tribute to our recently deceased relative and my second cousin, Jacob (Yaakov) Ancelevicz of Sao Paul, Brazil. I was able to visit Jacob and his wife Scarlet in 2013, including meeting for the first time his brother, Mordechai and his wife and Jacob's niece, Rachel, and her mother, Tania. I unfortunately never knew Rachel's father, Yoav, who passed away in 2001. Jacob's father, Reuven, was the son of my great aunt (my grandfather's oldest sister), Batia  Alperovich of Kurenets and later Smorgon when she married Mordechai Ancelevicz. (.) Born in Hadera, Israel, this branch of the Ancelevicz family moved to Sao Paulo in the late 50's/early 60's to find economic opportunity after leaving Israel for London. My genealogy research has led me to reconnect with our Alperovich cousins and I am so glad I have. Jacob was an extremely gracious host and showed me many parts of the city and some of its very fine restaurants. He was for many years an esteemed professor of finance at a major university in Sao Paulo and also owned a leather design company in his later years. I will cherish the short, wonderful time we spent together and send my condolences and deepest sympathy to his entire extended family.



When I visited Belarus in 2005 we passed by Rechke very near Kurenets and Vileyka 
(Kurenets and Vileyka are 7 kilometers from each other) I would say that Rechke is about the same distant.
Here are some old information I have 
I talked with 92 years old Aharon Meirovitz, the editor of the Kurenitz 
Yizkor book. In 1928 he was a teacher in Rechki, there were only about 
ten Jewish families in Rechki at that point.
Nachum Alperovich: "Chapters from the Underground";
"..During the winter, we would go to Ratzke to sled. Ratzke was a tiny 
town, it was probably named after the river that was on her border and
she was most famous for her hills, to us, they looked like mountains 
and we called them the Ratzkelberg.".

I also talked with Dora/Dvora in Nes Ziona, Israel, who was born in 
Rechke (Dvora parents: father - Tzvi Rabinovich, Mother - Hana Sara 
Gordon, Step-Mother from the Fidler family of Kurenitz ) she went to 
school in Kurenitz for 3 years. for the upper grade all the children 
went to schools in Kurenitz or Vileyka.
I will try to find information about the other places....Eilat
?Dvora unfortunately passed away. My father Chaim Meir Chodosh had an Estate in ORPA called ORPER HOF. The Estate had a soup kitchen for the poor and a cheder. Dvora was a HEBREW teacher in my father's cheder in ORPA. ORPA was named by my great grandfather Dr.Rabbi Mordechai Chodosh who came FROM France with Napoleon as a doctor. Jews could not own laqnd so a Poritz- a nobleman wanted a doctor nearby and as a legal fiction he gave Dr..MORDECHAI cHODOSH THE ESTATE WHICH THE FAMILY EXPANDED AND DEVELOPED. tHEY HAD OVER 15 DISNTINES OF LAND. One disintine is over 2,700. acres..... THE PONEY EXPRESS WAS QUARTERED THERE FOR THE GOVERNMENT. ORPA is still on the map. He named it after Naomi's daughter in law in the BIBLE. Orpa is the daughter in law who went back to her people while Ruth stayed with her mother in law Naomi. HE NAMED IT ORPA IN THE HOPES OF EVENTUALLY RETURNING HOME.I would like to know more about Orpa and who lived there- how many JEWS. tHE eSTATE HAD VARIOUS ORCHARDS OF CHERRY,APPLE, AND PEARS, A SAW MILL, A WATER MILL, A LOGGING CAMP, THEY MADE FABRICS,HAD A DAIRY, A MEAT PROCESSING PLANT, A PHARMACY. It was self-sustaining. My great grandfather was a founder of Borisov hospital.
My father,Chaim Meir Chodosh was asked by the PARTISANS to blow up an ammunition supply  train carrying ammunition to the concentration camps.Chaim Meir Chodosh knew the topography of the land like the back of his hand. He was the only one able to do it. They had to be led through the forests- there was STARINKER VALD., and MICHNITZER VALD.

Thank you SO MUCH for your reply. Do you know the name of the Partisan group he headed? My father was his right hand man. Luba Mironovich was not Jewish. Someone once told us that she is in Chicago. Is there an address for them/ Is he still alive? Have a wonderful Shabbos. Sincerely, Judith Chodosh Goldman
-- Yevgeniy Miranovich (Finkel'shteyn), commander of the Voroshilov Detachment
Eilat Gordin Levitan
My mom was also Luba, and the two were friends. I was an infant in the forest, and sometimes she would try to hold me on her horse, to give my mother a reprieve, but I only wanted my mother, a"h. My father was sent on missions for the partisans, blowing up trains with ammunition going to the concentration camps, bridges etc. He was given a commendation by Mironovich. Luba Mironovich was not Jewish. Are they still alive. Last we heard is that the wife was in Chicago. Is he still alive". Judy

Luba and Yevgeniy Miranovich (his real name; Tuvia Finkelstein) with daughter, Vileyka, early 1950's 

1.Nellie's wedding picture about 1912. Nelly was the daughter of Hannah and Kalman Alperovitz.

2.  Nellie ( nee Alperovitz) and Isadore with Sylvia, Jeanette and Florence about 1925. Jeanette told me that the other person was a cousin.

3. Nellie and her sister Ethel,   daughters of Kalman and Hannah Alperovitz of Postavy ( family originated in Kurenets) picture taken in the 1930's. 
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 Date: Apr 15, 2007 4:51 AM
Subject: New pictures: Alperovich Family Tree
 Sent: Friday, April 13, 2007 9:34 PM
Subject: Alperovich Family Tree


Dear Andi, Sharon has sent me a copy of your email. I'm also your second cousin Sharon's youngest brother Elliot. I thought your work on the family tree incredible especially since much of it was recovered from Belarus.It was very clear except why were Menka's(1805) three siblings different from his father Abram's three children? I recall many stories of Nellie's childhood, her being sent away as a apprentice to a seamstress, her unhappy childhood, stories of Cossacks (she would spit three times to let the evil spirits out) and the killings in the village. Nellie said that during the pogroms a bell would ring and the children would run into the fields and hide in the haystacks. Later they would ring an all clear bell and there would always be dead people in the streets. When she was a  young girl she came to America with two of her sisters and settled in New York worked as a seamstress in a sweat shop, met my grandfather and married at age 16 and moved to Philadelphia. She continued to make most of the clothes for her children but my mother Jeanette stopped wearing them when she became a teenager because the style wasn't modern enough. My mother always commented how well the clothes were made. Nellie even taught me how to knit at age 6 much to the shock of my aunt Florence who thought boys shouldn't do that. When Florence was 75 about 10 years ago I asked her to give me as much history as she could remember. I spoke with her last week but her memory isn't as sharp as it was 10 years ago. Harry Cohen died a few months ago at age 95. There may be differences in spelling from your family tree and the accuracy may not be perfect. I'll also enclose some photos of Nellie and her family. I often wondered what her real name was. In Lithuania they would have called her something else. Her husband Izzy or Isadore often just called her Litvak. Nelllie and Isadore are buried in Mt. Sharon Cemetery outside of Philadelphia not far from my parents Jeanette and Morton.  .
If I ever make it to Israel I would love to meet you. Sharon and I travel every few years, I'll try to convince her to go to Israel with me. I  leave for Vienna on April 29 and we may travel to Slovenia to hike on the sunny side of the Alps. So thanks for all the interesting research.
Your Cousin,  Elliot.
Family History by Florence Cohen 1997 
Hannah & Kalman Alperowitz parents of:
Ethel Janov
Cile Swerdloff (became a Wasserloaf)
Clara (Kansas City daughter), Libby Pollack
Barnet Alpert (married to Cile)
Beatrice Freedman, Deloris, David
            Sidney, Norman, Marvin,
2 sisters in Kansas city
½ brother Nathan
            Rose Churner, Sam, Nellie Levin
½ sister Malka or Mollie Jacobson
Rose daughter moved to California
                    Gogi Grant daughter of Rose
            Betty Blumberg, Sam, Lawrence, Rae
Nellie & Isadore Schwartz
Sylvia & Herb Neiman
Bernis (Married to Peter von zur Muhlen
Jeanette & Morton Nathan Neufeld
Sharon Joan & Peter Hartwig
Lisa Judith &Christian Zelenka
        Lena Sophie
Nina Anette
Stuart Charles           
Elliot Lance
Florence & Harry Cohen
Lee & Jill
Robert & Deb
Neal & Susan
Samuel & Shana Schwartz
(Shana came to USA)
     Sid, Jane
Havit Neerenberg
      Irving, Jack, Tillie Lukatch
Becky Finzimer (Husband Louis)
Joseph, Albert, Tillie, Nettie, Lillian
Bessie Robin (husband Philip
Sidney, Mathilda, Clara, Jeanette
(a total of 17 brothers and sisters many died in childbirth many stayed in Russia)
Elliot Neufeld
From: Ziegelman Sent: Wed 3/21/2007 11:37
To: Hartwig, Sharon
Subject: 1850 Kurenitz Revision List

Dear Sharon,
 I'm sending you this Excel file to forward to anyone who might be interested in it.
The family of your mother's mother appears in this Excel file, in the column called: REGISTRATION NUMBER. The Registration Number is actually the street address.
Your mother's mother, Nellie, I think, was a daughter of Shneur Zalman Alperovich, born in the 1850's, in Kurenets. I got this information in the following way:
From your mother's first cousin from Kansas City, named Rose Pollack (age about 90), who made aliyah to Jerusalem, I learned that HER mother, who was a sister of your mother's mother, came to the USA from a town named Postoff, which I later learned is now called Postawy (Belarus).
From the Lithuanian State Historical Archives, to which I sent a letter, I learned that our great grandfather Shneur Zalman came to Postawy in 1863 (I guess to marry someone from there named Rochel) and by 1874 had a father named Nota (Nathan) and also a son also named Nota (Uncle Nathan from Phila.); I also learned that Shneur Zalman came to Postawy from KURENETS.
On the 1850 Kurenets Revision List, that is an attachment to this email, Shneur Zalman's father Nota lived in Registration Number 139 ; he was born in 1825; his father was Menka (born in 1805).
From the family tree of an 80 year old American man named Edward Anders/Alperovich, I learned about our Kurenets Alperovich family, because we are related to this guy Edward. I learned the following:
Menka/Mendel had three siblings: Oser (1798-), Mina (1804), and Sheina (1808-)
Menka's parents were Abram (1750-1827) Alperovich and Rocha Rabinovich (~1740-before 1811)
Abram had three boys: Notka (Nathan, 1774-bef 1825); Israel (Srol, 1776->1850); and Itsko (1781-)
Abram's parents were Anshel (1720-?) Alperovich and a woman from the Alperovich family also born in 1720
On the  1816 and 1834 Kurenets Revision Lists, the above people, our ancestors, lived in Kurenets Registration Numbers 8 and 101.
Note that in all the the Revision Lists, Registration Number 1 remains Number 1 all through the years. Remember that these registration numbers are like addresses.
Hope you can understand all this!!!
Yours, Andi
PS - Can you tell me in what cemetaries you mother and her mother are buried?

--from; http://familytrees.genopro.com/jurela/alperovich/default.htm?page=place-place00033.htm
Yankel was born in 1746 in Kurenets he had 4 children;
1. David was born In 1773 In Kurenets his son;
-Leyba davydovich al'perovich -leyba was born in 1800
. 2. Note was born In 1774. . Abraham was born In 1775. .
3. Sakhno (Sakhno) Sakhno (Sakhno) was born In 1776.
3. Abraham yankelevich Al'perovich Abraham was born In 1775.

Click to view ?`?~?{?u?| ?L?u?z?q???r?y??n ?@?|?????u?????r?y??n (?`?{???r) in the family tree Click to view ?`?~?{?u?| ?L?u?z?q???r?y??n ?@?|?????u?????r?y??n (?`?{???r) in the family tree in SVG format
Taken in Kurenets.
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ñÎËÅÌ was born in 1821. ñÎËÅÌ's father was ìÅÊÂÁ äÁ×ÙÄÏ×ÉÞ áÌØÐÅÒÏ×ÉÞ and his mother was çÉÎÄÁ ðÅÒÅÃÏ×ÎÁ óÔÏÌÉÁÒ (Stolyar) (áÌØÐÅÒÏ×ÉÞ). His paternal grandfather was äÁ×ÉÄ ñÎËÅÌÅ×ÉÞ áÌØÐÅÒÏ×ÉÞ and his paternal grandmother is <Unknown>. He was an only child.

* General Notes
Yankel Of leybovich Of al'perovich (Yakov) spravka2 Yankel was born in 1821. Yankel'.s father was f leyba davydovich al'perovich And his mother was Ginda peretsovna stoliar (Stolyar) (Al'perovich). His paternal grandfather was David yankelevich Al'perovich and his paternal grandmother is. He was an only child. General Notes 1. Revizskiye (Belarus Revision Lists) - http://data.jewishgen.org/wconnect/wc.dll?.jg~.jgsearch~.model2~[.BELAREVS2].BELAREVS4~&.mPageStart=155 Revision list LVIA/515/15/934, PAGE - 418, # REGISTRATION 96, RECORD - 976 Alperovich Jankel Leiba lived in Kurenets The vileyskogo district Of the vil'nyuskeye province. 2. information letter of their khabarovsk archive 01-06-2006, archive information from the national archive of the republic of Saha (Yakutiya)

o 1. òÅ×ÉÚÓËÉÅ ÓËÁÚËÉ (Belarus Revision Lists) -
Revision list LVIA/515/15/934, PAGE - 418, #REGISTRATION 96, RECORD - 976



Family Notes The surname Of al'perovich of proiskhodot from the name city heylbronn Vurtenerge(Germaniya) the family moved from Vileyka, Vil'no, Oshmiyanakh to disne

Berko Yakovlevich al'perovich was born In 1857. Berko'.s father was Yankel leybovich al'perovich (Yakov) and his mother was Khaya-Resi (khan). His paternal grandparents were Leyba davydovich al'perovich And Ginda Of peretsovna Of stoliar (Stolyar) (Al'perovich). He had three brothers And three sisters, named David, Ruvim, Abraham, Sarra, Rakha And Ginda. He was the oldest of the seven children.
David yakovlevich Al'perovich David was born In 1866 In Khabarovsk. David'.s father was Yankel leybovich al'perovich (Yakov) and his mother was Khaya-Resi (24 wives) (khan). His paternal grandparents were Leyba Of davydovich Of al'perovich And Ginda Of peretsovna Of stoliar (Stolyar) (Al'perovich). He had three brothers And three sisters, named Dynamic meter, By Ruvim, Abraham, Sarra, Rakha And Ginda. He was the third oldest of the seven children. He died of an unknown cause at the age of 51 in 1917.
äÁ×ÉÄ and òÁÈÌÁ were married. They had five sons and two daughters, named íÏÉÓÅÊ, éÌØÑ, îÁÈÉÍ, ñËÏ×, á×ÒÁÁÍ, òÅ×ÅËËÁ and ìÀÂÏ×Ø.
David yakovlevich Al'perovich and rakhla abramovna Zimmerman (Al'perovich) David And Rakhla were married. They had five sons And two daughters, named Moisey, Ilya, Nakhim, Yakov, Abraham, Revekka And Liba
äÁ×ÉÄ was born in 1866 in èÁÂÁÒÏ×ÓË. He died of an unknown cause at the age of 51 in 1917.


rakhla abramovna Zimmerman

Rakhla was born In 1874 In Vladivostok. She died of an unknown cause at the age of 83 in 1957 in Riga. The funeral took place In Riga,


Moisey davydovich al'perovich -Moisey was born in 1895

Ilya davydovich Al'perovich

Ilya davydovich Al'perovich Ilya was born on December 25th, 1898 in Yakutsk.
éÌØÑ was born on December 25th, 1898 in ñËÕÔÓË.


Nakhim davydovich al'perovich Nakhim was born In 1902 In Vladivostok. He died at the age of 73 on October 22nd, 1975 in Moscow. The funeral took place in Jerusalem, is concealed in the cliff.
îÁÈÉÍ was born in 1902 in ÷ÌÁÄÉ×ÏÓÔÏË. He died at the age of 73 on October 22nd, 1975 in íÏÓË×Á. The funeral took place in éÅÒÕÓÁÌÉÍ,ÚÁÈÏÒÏÎÅÎ × ÓËÁÌÅ.

Female òÅ×ÅËËÁ äÁ×ÙÄÏ×ÎÁ áÌØÐÅÒÏ×ÉÞ Revekka davydovna al'perovich - revekka was born In 1905

Liba Davydovna Al'perovich Libae was born on July 10th, 1908 In Vladivostok. Birth Notes never married no children
ìÀÂÏ×Ø was born on July 10th, 1908 in ÷ÌÁÄÉ×ÏÓÔÏË.

* Birth Notes

Liba lived together with the mom Rachel abramovnoy Zimmerman in Riga on the street pernavas were buried to nakladbishche shmerli in Riga
She died at the age of 59 on February 15th, 1968. The funeral took place in riga òÉÇÁ, ûÍÅÒÌÉ.

Yakov Davydovich al'perovich Yakov Al'perovich - picture age 18 years.
Yakov was born on March 8th, 1910 in Vladivostok. He died from cancer at the age of of 61 on November 7th, 1971 in Riga. The funeral took place in the cemetery Of shmerli into Rige
Abraham davydovich Al'perovich Abraham was born In 1911.
Family Notes The surname Of al'perovich of proiskhodot from the name city heylbronn Vurtenerge(Germaniya) the family moved from Vileyka, Vil'no, Oshmiyanakh to disne
Ginda yakovlevna al'perovich ginda was born In 1871. Ginda'.s father was Yankel leybovich al'perovich (Yakov) and her mother was Khaya-Resi (khan). Her paternal grandparents were Leyba davydovich al'perovich And Ginda Of peretsovna stoliar (Stolyar) (Al'perovich). She had four brothers And two sisters, named Berko, David , Ruvim, Abraham, Sarra And Rakha. She was the fifth oldest of the seven children
Abraham was born In 1885. Abram'.s father was Yankel Lleybovich Al'perovich (Yakov) and his mother was Khaya-Resi (khan). His paternal grandparents were Leyba Davydovich Of al'perovich And Ginda Peretsovna Stoliar (Stolyar) (Al'perovich). He had three brothers And three sisters, named , David , Ruvim, Sarra, Rakha And Ginda. He was the youngest of the seven children
Abraham davydovich Al'perovich Abraham was born In 1911. Avraam'.s father was David yakovlevich Al'perovich And his mother was Rakhla Abramovna Zimmerman (Al'perovich). His paternal grandparents were Yankel Leybovich Al'perovich (Yakov) and khaya-Resi (khan); his maternal grandparents were Avrum germanovich tsymerman And Khosh-Feyga Mogilev (Tsymerman). He had four brothers And two sisters, named Moisey, Ilya, Nakhim, Yakov, Revekka And Liba. He was the youngest of the seven children

I'm trying to find connections to my CHODOSH / CHODASCH family from Myadel
and Postavy.

Four brothers, Abraham, Louis, Saul and Samuel, emigrated and settled in
Carteret, NJ. Their sister Sarah (Sora) married Harry GOZ and lived in Ohio
and then Carteret,NJ. Their sister Sophie married Samuel WEXLER and also
settled in Carteret, NJ.

Somewhere between 1925 and 1930 they brought their father Itzhak (born about
1854) to NJ from Kurenitz, where he was then living.

Family lore has it that there were at least 6 other children, some of whom
came to the States and settled in other locations. Other relatives lived in

If any of these names or locations sound familiar, I look forward to hearing
from you.

Stephanie Weiner

Poland: Jewish Records Indexing of Vital Records Database (Deaths)
Name: Józef Ginzburg
Sex: Male
Birth: 1862
Birth Place: Kurzeniec
Occupation: pensjonariusz Domu Starców
Status: Single
Age at Death: 79
Death: 4 Apr 1941
Death Place: Nowolipki
Registration Place: Warszawa
Mother: Ruchla
Comments: Father: pencil faded handwriting, Additional Death Place: 52, przytu?ek
Other information: address: Nowolipki 52 m. 8
cardnum: 8803
carddate: 05-Apr-41
citizenshp: polskie
deathcause: uwi?d starczy
doctor: Z. Grynberg
signature: G 192
Line: 2192
Jewish Displaced Persons and Refugee Cards, 1943-1959 (JDC)
Name: Chaja Kasdan
Birth Date: 5 Dec 1912
Birth Place: Kurzeniec
Emigration Location: Dpc Feldafing Bith
Destination: Canada
Accompanied by: K Josef Kasdan;Nochim Kasdan;Abram Kasdan;Selig Lewin
Emigration Office: Germany, Munich

Name: Czehnia Gurewicz
Arrival Date: 6 Mar 1930
Age: 73
Birth Date: abt 1857
Birthplace: Kurzeniec
Birth Country: Poland
Gender: Female
Race/Nationality: Hebrew

Port of Arrival: Detroit, Michigan
Departure Contact: Daughter Hinia Rubin
Arrival Contact: Daughter Mrs. Rosie Bakst

Microfilm Roll Number: M1478_26
Name: Ajzik Cymerman
Arrival Date: 10 Feb 1934
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1905
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Havana, Cuba
Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Hebrew
Ship Name: President Taft

Origin of the last name; Kurenets, Kurenits, Kurinets, Kurinits, Korenits, Korenitser, Korenetskij, Korinetskij, Koronetskij, Kurenetskij

All Dictionary of Jewish Surnames in Russian Empire results for Kurenets
Kurenets (Disna) T: from the townlet Kurenets (Vilejka d.) {Kurenits, Kurinets, Kurinits, Korenits, Korenitser, Korenetskij, Korinetskij, Koronetskij, Kurenetskij}.
Kurenetskij (Vilna, Vilejka, Oshmyany) T: see Kurenets.
Kurenits (Drissa) T: see Kurenets
U.S. Consular Posts, Emergency Passport Applications, 1915-1926
about Lea Weitz
Name: Lea Weitz
Birth Place: Kurenets, Russia
Consulate: Poland
Box Number: 1749
Book Number: 5
Application Number: 1672
Name: Sam Weitz
Birth Place: Kurenets, Russia
Consulate: Poland
Box Number: 1749
Book Number: 5
Application Number: 1672

From: Ziegelman <zieg_exp@netvision.net

Kurenets A8 1816, p.245

Notice that in 1816 and also from 1991-2008, the families of Andi Alpert Ziegelman and Ami Alperovich lived next door to each other, first in 1816 in Houses 8 and 9 of Kurenets, Belarus, and then about 200 years later on Sweden Street in Haifa, Israel!!!!!!!

From: Alperovitch Juri [mailto:Juri.Alperovitch@alcatel-lucent.

House No. 8, continued from page 244: ANDI ALPERT ZIEGELMAN'S ANCESTORS

Abram Ansjemovich(Ansjem's son) Galperovich 61 (1811) 66(age in 1816)

his son Itsko (Abram's son) 30 35

his son Israel (Abram's son) 35 40


Notka 37 42

his sons :

Osip (?) 13 18

Mendel 10 15


House No. 9: AMI ALPEROVICH'S ANCESTORS LIVED IN THE HOUSE NEXT DOOR TO ANDI'S ANCESTORS, just as Andi and Ami lived next door to each other in Haifa! Amazing!!!!!!!!

Nota Itckovich Galperovich (father Itcko) 44 go away 1814

his son Lejba Judel 22 27

Abram Abeliovich 41 dead 1813

his son Leiba Abeliovich 19 go away 1812

Gevsej(?) Lejbovich (father Leiba)Shulman 28 dead 1812

his brother Gershon Shulman 19 24


10 Judko Abramovich (father Abram) Galperovich 29 34

From: Ziegelman
Cc: 'Karen Entous'; 'Joel Alpert'; Edward Anders; Dear Juri,

When you translate this and send it to me, please click FORWARD, not Reply.

The first man on this list is my ancestor, Abram (1750-1827) son of Ansel. He's also Karen Alpert Entous', Joel Alpert's, Edward Anders', and Ami Alperovich's ancestor.

Thanks, Andi

Name: Chaja Kasdan
Birth: 5 Dec 1912 - Kurzeniec
Civil: Germany, Munich
Departure: 1947 - Dpc Feldafing Bith
Destination: Canada

Holocaust: Survivor List from the files of World Jewish Congress

Name: Lejb Kichelson
Birth: 1892 - Kurzeniec
Origin: Poland

Holocaust: Survivor List from the files of World Jewish Congress

Name: Sara Kichelson
Birth: 1905 - Kurzeniec
Origin: Poland

Holocaust: Survivor List from the files of World Jewish Congress

Name: Zew Kichelson
Birth: 1928 - Kurzeniec
Origin: Poland

Holocaust: Survivor List from the files of World Jewish Congress

Name: Dina Spektor
Birth: 1923 - Kornitz
Origin: Poland

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Sora Alperaviciene / [Alperovich]
Birth: 1891 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 23 Feb 1932

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Leyba Alperavicius / [Alperovich]
Birth: 1897 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 11 Nov 1927

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Mikhel Alperavicius / [Alperovich]
Birth: 1858 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 1 Mar 1932

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Iosel Alperovicius / [Alperovich]
Birth: Abt 1880 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 26 Jun 1920

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Abram Cimermanas / [Tsimerman]
Birth: Abt 1874 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 28 Feb 1922

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Simon Furmanas / [Furman]
Birth: 1868 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 13 Apr 1920

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Riva Ganeliene / [Ganel]
Birth: Abt 1871 - Kurenets?
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 17 Jun 1921

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Dina Gersoviciene / [Gershovich]
Birth: 1886 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 15 Nov 1927

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Rakhmiel Gersovicius / [Gershovich]
Birth: 1916 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 9 Feb 1935

Lithuania: Internal Passports, 1919-1940
Immigration & Emigration

Name: Chana Girsovicaite / [Girshovich]
Birth: 1910 - Kurenets
Residence: Kaunas
Publication: 20 Apr 1929

Detroit Border Crossings and Passenger and Crew Lists, 1905-1957
Immigration & Emigration

View Image
Name: Czehnia Gurewicz
Birth: abt 1857 - Kurzeniec, Poland
Arrival: 6 Mar 1930 - Detroit, Michigan

Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents

Photo: Chiale Sosensky
Category: Other
Attached To: Chaia Sosensky (1923-1942)

Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents

Photo: Chiale & Stanley Sosensky - front
Category: Other
Attached To: Chaia Sosensky (1923-1942)

Public Member Photos & Scanned Documents

Photo: Sara Leja Zimmermann
Category: Other
Attached To: Sara Leja Zimmermann (1885-1955)

Poland: Jewish Records Indexing-Poland Vital Records Database (Deaths)
Birth, Marriage & Death

Name: Józef Ginzburg
Birth: 1862 - Kurzeniec
Death: 4 Apr 1941 - Nowolipki

Name: Ajzik Cymerman
Arrival Date: 10 Feb 1934
Estimated Birth Year: abt 1905
Age: 29
Gender: Male
Port of Departure: Havana, Cuba
Ethnicity/Race­/Nationality: Hebrew
Ship Name: President Taft
Search Ship Database: Search the President Taft in the 'Passenger Ships and Images' database
Port of Arrival: New York, New York
NATIVITY: Kurzeniec
Line: 4
Microfilm Serial: T715
Microfilm Roll: T715_5448
Birth Location: Kurzeniec
Birth Location Other: Poland
Page Number: 30

Summer of 1924, Kurenets. The teacher on the left (second line) is Berl Dardak, on the right (second line) is his brother Shmerl Dardak
From the Russian Jewish Encyclopedia;
DARDAK Ieguda born 1898 Iliya, Vilna ? Author

One day, after studies, the teacher Berl Dardak announced that a letter was received from Vilna and it said, “Charut Hetria will establish branches in the ...
Israel Gvint wrote;
...For a short time there was a school with one or two classes that was managed by Yudel Dardak, where the studies were done in a combination of Yiddish, Hebrew and Russian. More wonderful memories of the great personality of Yudel Dardak stay with me than memories of the lessons.....At that point there was still a quiet war between the Hebrew and Yiddish as to what language should dominate school studies. If the Hebrew won this war it was because of the special personality of the teacher Berl Dardak.
At this point, the image of the teacher Berl comes to me. Berl came from the near-by little town of Ilya. He was short, a red head, and wore glasses. He was very easy going and kind. Even when he would get mad it was easy to imagine that he was not really angry. We knew that he wrote poetry in Hebrew, and that made him very respected in our eyes. Some of the poems became songs and they were sung by the youth from the “Tzeirey Zion”, and “Herut VeTchia”. In their essence they were humorous poems and this was very attractive to us, the young children. Although we knew that these poems were not written for children, and truly we were not allowed to sing them, but somehow we learned them secretly and they were as sweet to us stolen water.
We knew that Berl and his brothers Shmaryau and Yudel Dardak were the descendents of a well-known rabbinical family from Illya. We also knew that they had a deep education in yeshivas and were very knowledgeable about the Bible and religious studies. This fact added to the respect we felt for them because now when we had to argue with people who were old fashioned and wanted to keep the traditional type of education which was essentially religious in nature, we could argue with them that our teacher was not a nobody, he was a telmid khakham . “You must be careful when you speak against him.”
When Berl would get mad at one of us he would use biblical sentences to express his dissatisfaction. He would say, “ben naout vemrdut”. In the essence of this sentence there was everything we desired, here was a religious language turning to a “real language” where biblical passages contained emotion. Passages from the Bible became material for common phrases of reproach. At that point we had no schoolbooks in Hebrew and Berl would write his lessons on the blackboard and we would copy what he wrote in our notebooks.
Berl lived in a tiny, dark room of Shmuel Spector. In his room there was an oil lamp that burned day and night as an eternal flame. Clearly our hearts were pulled to this room which became inseparable from the school. Here many youths would gather. We sang songs and told jokes and from there we would leave for walks in Vileyka and Dolhinov streets in Kurenets. I remember one journey that some older kids took all the way to the village Retzke and of how jealous I was of my peers that followed the older students there.
Having the school in two homes so far from each other made it very difficult. After a short time they rented a home of Eltka Nee Perski Rabunski (ed. the sister of the father of Shimon Peres). This was a comparatively big house. It had three rooms, a hallway and a large yard to play in. During the holiday of Purim, just before the school was transferred to this place, we held a play there. It was King David. The play was written by Berl Dardek, who was also the director and was responsible for the clothing the scenery. The walls were taken out and the space became one big room. Still the room was too small to hold all the people who wanted to attend. When I arrived with my father, and I was one of the actors in this play, many people stood by the door looking in and all the other actors watched so that more people wouldn't try to come in. Even Batya nee Gurevitz who had the main part as Batsheva took a turn watching the entrance. My father and I could hardly make our way through the people. My father somehow succeeded in getting in and I stayed behind among the people. Since there were so many people the girl who played Batsheva (Batia nee Gurevitz Bender) couldn't see me despite the fact that I was supposed to be her son in the play, I was King Solomon. Finally my father came to my aid and picked me out of the crowd. Besides the play we recited poems in Hebrew and Yiddish and it was a big success and many of the parents in town were so impressed that they began accepting the idea of a more secular education.
Date: 2010/8/24
Subject: DARDAK
To: eilat.gordinlevitan@gmail.com


The program can be heard @ http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00vc51h

Here begins an extraordinary journey to Lithuania and Belarus for
broadcaster and writer Michael Freedland and his son, Guardian
journalist and best-selling author, Jonathan.

These two countries once thronged with Jewish life, a life that was
all but extinguished by successive regimes- Russian Czarists, Soviets
and then the Nazis who, with the help of some Lithuanians, managed to
totally decimate many towns and villages, or shtetls. Knowing that
their forebears settled in the UK in the late 19th century they set
off to try to find any trace of the Freedlands who came from Baisogala
in Lithuania and the Mindels from Dunilovichy in Belarus. As the
journey progresses, it becomes a broader search- a search for Jewish
life. They are taken to Janova and Kedainiai, both once busy shtetls,
alive with Jewish businesses, shops and culture. Sadly in such places
where there was once a high proportion of Jews, few now remain and
synagogues have disappeared or fallen into disrepair.

In Kaunas, an interview with Professor Egidius Aleksandrovicius lays
out the entire history of Jewry in Lithuania. In Vilnius, the family
focus is re-established as they visit the National Archives where they
learn a lot about the Freedlands and the Mindels, discovering
crumbling nineteenth century archives that refer to what could be
Michael's ancestors. The trail now points clearly to Baisogala, what
was once a tiny shtetl in the Lithuanian countryside. Simon the guide
knows of a Jewish cemetery on the outskirts, but it's a cemetery he
hasn't seen for ten years, as it's been flooded for a reservoir, but
by an amazing stroke of luck, the team tries a wooded hillside
and...there it is, remnants of old and mostly illegible Jewish tombs,
where, no doubt, Michael and Jonathan's ancestors are buried."
(Producer: Neil Rosser //A Ladbroke Production for BBC Radio 4).

Stacye Mehard

Studying the Families of
Alperovich of Kurenets; Ipp of Kaunas; Krokin / Krokinovsky /
Crockin of Crockin of Kaunas and Baltimore and Norfolk, Va;
Lewitan of Kobylnik, Dokshits-Dokkshytsy, Lithuania and Belarus;
Luloff / Lulow / Lulove of Dokshits-Dokkshytsy and Minsk;
Piastunovich of Kurenets & Dokshits-Dokkshytsy;
Rapoport of Kaunas; Rosenthal / Roszental of Dokshits-Dokkshytsy;
Sass / Zess of Lithuania and Poland; Smigelsky of Grodno and
Shenandoah, Pennsylvania

From: shlomo alperovich <saalperovich@gmail.com>

A meeting took place in the Ben Shemen forest on 09.09.2010. It is a
memorial day for the Jews who were killed in Kurenetz on 09.09.1942

From: shlomo alperovich <saalperovich@gmail.com>

A meeting took place in the Ben Shemen forest on 09.09.2010. It is a
memorial day for the Jews who were killed in Kurenetz on 09.09.1942

From: shlomo alperovich <saalperovich@gmail.com>

A meeting took place in the Ben Shemen forest on 09.09.2010. It is a
memorial day for the Jews who were killed in Kurenetz on 09.09.1942

From: shlomo alperovich <saalperovich@gmail.com>

A meeting took place in the Ben Shemen forest on 09.09.2010. It is a
memorial day for the Jews who were killed in Kurenetz on 09.09.1942

Lester Slonin, Kurenets, Dolhinov

Lester Slonin's family originated in Dolhinov and Kurenets

I recently discovered the Kurenets website and am attaching some pictures you might want to upload. The website is incredible and I have been sharing it on Facebook with all my Alperovich cousins!

1. Huda and Eliyahu Alperovich, my great grandparents. (I am named after Eliyahu.)

2.. The other picture is of their 4 oldest children: the tallest girl is Bunya, my grandmother. The next tallest girl on the left is Shifra, and the smallest girl is Rochel. The boy seated is Yaakov ( Alpert) who wrote the story "Old Images" on your website.

Thank you so much for documenting these beautiful stories and helping to recreate the vibrant community of Kurenets. The website is both heartwarming and heartbreaking.

Eileen Flicker <eileenflicker@yahoo...>
Monroe, New York

I am the daughter of Dora (Devorah) Sosensky from Kurenetz. My
maternal grandparents names were Frumeh and Shlomo Sosensky. I believe
Shlomo owned a general store in Kurenetz.
I came across your website when I was tinkering with some family names
I recently found in some old papers (Rabunski and Alperovitz).
My mother had three siblings: her brother Donya, and sisters Esther& Chana.
I see a photo of my mother in one of the Hashomer Hazion photos and a
photo of my cousins (Chiale and Shimshe) on your Kurentz website. It's
absolutely thrilling to see these images.
I grew up in New Haven, Conn. and remember well a family friend,
Charlie Gelman, who wrote a book about his time with the partisans who
operated near Kurenetz. I also remember Mendel Alperovitz, he owned a
butcher store in New Haven and my mother spoke of him as family.
Any information you could provide to "fill in the blanks" would be so
Sharon Halperin
Chapel Hill, NC
my name is Yael Yulia, my grandmother is Rozalia Rapson born in 1935
in Belarus. her father's name was Girsh Rapson (born 1900 , died 1950)
he was the son of Michael Rapson from Vilnius (Poland at those days)
and the step brother of Vigdor Rapson, my grandmother was told all her
life that most of her father's (Girsh's) family (his mother and
sisters) left in the 1930's to the States. he stayed in Belarus,
fought WW2 and his family ( wife - Ester Genia Chernov and kids
Rozalia and Michael) survived the war and started their families.
currently we are living in Israel.
i saw in your family tree that the names and places are the same and
even the dates are a match. Michael Rapson Vigdor's son has found us
through Yad Va'Shen records in the 90's (he is my grandmother's
cousine) but we didn't stay in touch.
please let me know if you need me to send more details, i have a
picture of Girsh that i can scan.
hope to hear from you
Yael Podmazo

I have just read with great interest, the article on the Rosenbaum School in New Haven, CT. My parents had a dear friend during their years at Yale, 1942-46, named Dave Rosenbaum and I believe he is the son of the founders. I have a collection of letters which my mother wrote to her mother and Dave is often mentioned as "teaching at his father's school". The letters also contain a little information about his parents' backgrounds.

If Dave is still living, I would very much like to contact him and share these letters. If you can offer me any insight as to whether or not he might still be living and if so, where, i would be most appreciative.
Thank you so much for your consideration.

Best regards,
Ann Kennedy


Dear Eilat;
I hope this finds you well.
We have exchanged emails before.

I am the daughter of Devorah Sosensky from Kurenetz.
I am trying to find out my mother's home address and don't know how to
proceed. My grandmother's name was Frumeh Sosensky. Her husband,
Shlomo, had a general store in Kurenetz. My friend found a listing of
this store in the Jewish Gen website (it was in the Wileykeh
directory, which I guess is pretty close by).

Can you give me any guidance on how to get a street address for the
home and business?
Any info would be deeply appreciated.
Many thanks,

Catholics from Kuranets obtained a building for local chapel
Kuranets news: Tuesday, 29 May 2012 09:26

Before the celebration of Pentecost the Catholics from the village Kuranets (Vileyskyi region) obtained into the ownership the building with the right to establish the chapel in there. This building was used previously as the administration office of the collective farm. But this place has more interesting facts: there was the wooden church, and some elderly men remember this. After the war the church was ruined, and the foundation was developed into the village office.
On the 26th of October, 2007, there was registered the parish after Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Church at the village Kuranets, and on the 26th of September, 2011, father Aleksander Barylo was appointed as the parish administrator.
On the 28th of May, 2012, the Catholics from v. Kuranets gathered together at this building to celebrate the day of Blessed Virgin Mary Mother of Church. Holy mass began with the hymn Te Deum, thus expressing the feeling of deep gratitude to Lord for His blessings and for His justice concerning the return of the church.
The liturgy was served with the intent for all the believers of Kuranets, who stayed committed to God and Church, and for those who need the conversion. During the prayer they reminded all these people who wanted to wait for this event, but passed away to Lord.
The Catholics from Kuranets were glad to the fact that they now have the place for prayer and where they can come every Sunday and glorify Lord at Holy masses.
Fr. Aleksandr Barylo

I am writing to you from Bet El Synagogue in Mexico. I am the editor
of our Magazine and for our Passover (Pesaj) issue, we have an article
about Hashomer Hatzair's 100th anniversary. I found on your web page a
beautiful photo of the youth group in 1929 and am wondering if we may
print it in our magazine. It is of course a communitary magazine and
not sold. We will of course print all the copyright and references to
your website. Who knows? Maybe someone in Mexico has roots in

Thank you very much, all the best
Lu Salnkov
Comunidad Bet El de México
eilat gordin <egl.comments@gmail.com>
to Lourdes
Dear Lu,

Sure you could use it. Yes, from the area of kurenets ( next door in
Ilja and their cousins lived in Kurenets) there is a family in Mexico
by the name of Shapiro. There were 5 brothers who went to Mexico:
Eliezer, Yaakov, Yehoshua , shmuel and gershon Shapiro/ Shapira
Their picture; http://eilatgordinlevitan.com/ilja/ilja_pix/042404_26_b.gif
Eliezer and his wife Rachel :
Shmuel Shapiro: http://eilatgordinlevitan.com/ilja/ilja_pix/042404_22_b.gif
Maybe you could post it one day and ask if people recognize them?

Eilat Congratulations on achieving the amazing research about the Jews of Belarus. The
Zavodnick family is one of your great finds and I am a granddaughter of
Mendel and Sorka Zavodnick. It is a wonderful page, but you have a few
things that need correction. If you will.
Mendel and Sorka had 7 daughters. Rose died in the great flu epidemic
after WW1. Two sisters, Bella, Z. Amron and Beatrice Z. Stillman, are
listed on your page as one daughter. Beatrice was my Mother. She died in
Brooklyn, NY., 2/5/48 at the age of 39. Bella died years later,
probably the 70's, in New York. Beatrice had two children, me and my
brother Irwin. Thank you for this correction.
Phyllis Gilbert Levitan

From: Roselyne Sultan-Gromb <gmsgro@gmail.com>
Date: 2013/12/25


  Monsieur Ziskind Serge
  3 Impasse Bonnardel
  Tel: 06/0EL9 /81/39/98



                   Je suis à la recherche de ma ligné familiale ,par le biais du Web ,j'ai glané des informations sur des cites famille jwish .Par votre développement  de recherche
j'ai trouvé une photo avec une maison ayant appartenu au Ziskind de KREVO .Pouvez -vous m'en dire plus .Voici aussi quelques informations sur moi-même .Mon arriére -Gd Pére Davis Ziskind né 1879 . DCD , ou ? et de Débbé FIERSTEIN née ? DCD  ,ou ? .Ayant un fils Hyman (Henri ) né à Londres le 08 Aout 1903 à Mile End Vielle Ville DCD actuellement le 18 Mai 1973 à Toulouse.ainsi qu' un frère (Morris Ziskiend )et d'une soeur :Esther Anie Ziskiend  née 1907 Morris avait 3 filles Claudine et Jenny Ziskiend et Myriam Ziskiend que j'ai retrouvé en ISRAEL .Voici donc mes recherches,
                   Dans l'attente de vous lire .Veuillez,agréé ma reconnaissance la plus dévouée
                       Monsieur   ZISKIND   Serge

Thank you so much for your extraordinary work on Kurenitz!  So impressive!

I'm doing some research on behalf of a friend's family, and I've come across a 1902 New York marriage certificate that shows the ceremony was performed by "Elias Gordon, Cantor of Con. Kehal Chasidim anche Kurenitz."  I'm hoping it might help lead to further clues.

I'm guessing that one family or the other were perhaps members and from Kurenitz, but I'm having trouble finding specific leads or confirmation through JewishGen and other websites.  Might you please have any advice or suggestions as to further steps I can take to find more?

The groom was Julius Cohen (parents: Joe Cohen, Marrey Alpertt) and the bride was Marry (AKA Miriam) Meltzer (parents: Hayman/Chaim Meltzer, Etta Alperovitz).  
It's signed by Elias Gordon and witnessed by Meyer Rotstein & Morris Roleinsky.  Spelling is a bit iffy throughout the document.

I've also been researching the name Krotin, which often seems to show up as Gordin/Gordon and other variations, in case you happen to have any good clues on that front.

Please --- if you post any of this email anywhere -- kindly remove my address as I try to keep it as private as possible.

Much appreciation, 
Dear Cynthia,

All the names are familiar and some are surly from the Kurenets area. All Alperovitz ( changed to Alpert in the US) originated in Kurenets. Almost half of the shtetle took that last name when Jews were forced to take a last name in the Russian empire ( c 1815) in order  pay taxes and serve in the czar army. That way (having same last name) they were able to confuse the Russians. There was also a very respected Meltzer family in Kurenets ( related to the mother of Shimon Peres from near by Vishnevo and Volozhin)
Some members of the Rotstein family of Kurenets survived the holocaust and came to Israel. There was also a Cohen family from Kurenets who came to America, a son got in touch with me.
Just a fast note - I will try to study the first names and see if I can connect them. 


From: Howard Krosnick <hkrosnick@sympatico.ca>
Date: Sun, May 17, 2015 at 12:17 PM
Subject: Photo of Maurice Leo Zimmerman
To: egl.comments@gmail.com

Maurice Leo Zimmerman 
February 2, 1898 
Kurenets, Minsk Province, Belarus
March 10, 1983 (85) 
New Haven
Son of Yosef Zimerman and Itke Zimerman
Husband of Minnie Zimmerman
Father of Sherman Zimmerman and Robert Zimmerma
In #kur-45 there is a photo of my cousin Leo Zimmerman. I wonder if you know if Leo is the child in the foreground or the older boy behind him.
I am assuming that the other is either his brother Shimon Zimmerman or his sister Sophie Zimmerman, both of whom I understand to have been lost in the Holocaust.
Howard Krosnick

If you have a relative who lived and passed away in Israel ( especially if he/ she lived in a kibbutz or a Moshav, and you know the name of it) google his name and the name of the place in Hebrew. You could use http://www.mechon-mamre.org/searchgh.htm for Hebrew text.
After you write the name in Hebrew copy and paste in "google" and search.
I want to share one story about distant relatives which I have been looking for for 15 years.
I created sites for shtetles and cities in Eastern Europe. The other day I received a note on my facebook page from Aviram Dunsky in Israel who recognized his grandfather in a picture I posted on the site which I created for Kurenets. It was a picture of the first meeting (1946) of survivors with their shtetle's landsmen who made Aliyah to Israel/ Palestine from Kurenets before the war.
He did not write me the name of his grandfather. I checked on Geni for him and found out that the father of his mother was Ze'ev Shulman. My grandmother was the daughter of Aharon Shulman HY"D from Kurenets. I have been searching for a long time for a very distant relative who my mother ( born in Gan Haim in 1929) remembered as Dov Shulman (or as she recalled from her early childhood the "fat shulman" sorry) . The only reason that she recalled his name was that she had a picture of his son (who she said was Menachem Shulman some years younger then her) in her album.
I immediately wrote to Aviram on facebook and asked if he is related to Dov. It turned out that Dov Shulman was the brother of his grandfather and his grandfather lived and died in Gan Haim where my mother was born. 
Dov Shulman, the brother of his grandfather, lived in Tzofit , he wrote. He wanted to know if I know anything else about his family. 
I googled "Dov Shulman Tsofit"
I found  http://tsofit.org.il/wxt/ It has his picture ( he does not look fat!) It has the names of his parents ( Mendel  and Batia Shulman) , the name of his wife, The place (Kurenets) and year (1908)  he was born and 1979 as the year he passed away in Tsofit. He had a son and a daughter. He had two brothers and a sister.
I googled the name of his father with Gan Haim
It took me to a site with picasa pictures of Headstones of the cemetery in Tsofit;
I found the name of Mendel's father and other information. I also found pictures of the gravestones of his wife, sons and daughters in law.
The one thing I was not able to conferm is the name Menachem Shulman as the son of Dov. The headstone of Dov's father; Menachem Mendel says that he passed away in 1941. Could a son be named after a live grandfather? I have asked Aviram and the woman who is pictured with "Menachem Shulman" (per my mother) They do not seem to know the answer. Does anyone recognize the boy in the picture? 



My name is Danny Kramer. I stumbled across your website while googling Rachel Elkeh Kramer. I am a descendant (Abe - Milton - David - me) of Moshe Eliezer. I think your website is impressive and informative and I'd love to meet you or talk to you further. Please email me back so we can figure out how to be in touch. Thank you and looking forward to hearing from you.

From: Amanda Price <luv2dancenow@me.com>
Date: Sat, Jul 9, 2016 at 6:22 AM
Subject: Families Malman and Laner from Kovna

Hello Everyone!
I am researching these two families from Kovna who arrived in England 1870 +.
Ada Laner (aka Lerner, Lion, Lolman, Jacobs) was brought to London by her father after the death of her mother, to be bought up with her elder sisters, Rachel and possibly Leah. Rachel's two children, Dora and Raphael Morris (father Samuel Morris) are staying with a Joseph Malman and family in 1901. The Malmans emigrated to New York but I can find no further information relating to the Morris family.
If anyone has any leads for me, I would be so grateful. Thank you.

Father; Elhanan (Hune) Kagan, his father: Eliyahu. My father was born in Kurenitz Poland (today Belorussia) in 1916. He was married to Rivka Levitan from Dukshitz (neighbour village in Poland (today Belorussia)

My father's sister :Hana (Hanabashe) immigrated to the US on late 1967 with her daughter Micha (Michle) and 3 children: David, Eliyahu and...
I look for any details from them. Thanks
Arie Tomer Kagan artomer@bezeqint.net

Rafael Kagan was born in Kornitz, Poland to Yisrael Yitzhak and Dvora Sara. He was a ritual slaughterer and a cantor and married to Ester nee Finkel. Prior to WWII he lived in Kornitz, Poland. 

Rafael was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by his daughter, Tzvia Even Shoshan ( wife of Avraham Even Shoshan- Hamilon Haeivri)

Refael Kagan was born in Kornitz, Poland in 1882 to Yisrael and Dvora. He was married to Ester. Prior to WWII he lived in Kornitz, Poland. 

Refael was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony submitted by  Feiga Blizovski nee Blinder the daughter of his niece Etel Blinder
Esther Kagan nee Finkel was born in Rakow, Poland to Shalom and Tzvia. She was a housewife. Prior to WWII she lived in Kurzeniec, Poland. 

Esther was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her daughter, Tzvia Even Shoshan

Esther Kagan nee Finkel was born in Rakow, Poland to Shalom and Tzvia. She was a housewife. Prior to WWII she lived in Kurzeniec, Poland. 

Esther was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her daughter, Tzvia Even Shoshan


Gitel Danishevski nee Kagan was born in Kurnica, Poland. She was a housewife and married to Shmuel David. Prior to WWII she lived in Smargon, Poland. During the war she was in Smargon, Poland.

Gitel was murdered in the Shoah.

This information is based on a Page of Testimony (displayed here) submitted by her daughter, Rivka Gerikhter Danishevski

From: Yitzchok Shteierman

Hello Eilat. 

I came across a riveting profile on the Lubavitcher Kramers. I believe they were in Boro Park. There is a tremendous entry on them in "The history of the Jews of Brooklyn"

From: <jfurst@jewishpartisans.org>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 9:54 AM
Subject: Photo Request from Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation
To: egl.comments@gmail.com

Dear Eilat,

The Jewish Partisan Educational Foundation is updating our website and we'd like to update our photo gallery with higher resolution copies of the certain photos which, our records indicate, your organization has kindly provided in the past.

Could you please send us 1000 pixel or wider versions of the following images (also attached)? Thank you very much.


The front page of the May 1st, 1944 Issue of the partisan paper "Silanskaya Gazatta". It reads "Death To The German Occupiers". Members of the partisan brigade Volroshilov Shimon Zimmerman, Riva Gordon Zimmerman and Alexander Bogin all worked on the paper.


A portrait of Zalman Uri Gurevich, drawn in the forest in 1943 by a fellow Jewish partisan Alexander Bogin.


Three Jewish women partisans in the Vilna ghetto after its liberation. Pictured here right to left Zelda Traqger, Ruzka Korczak, and Vita Kempner. Vita Kempner would later marry the Jewish resistance leader Abba Kovner.


A partisan music and dance troupe with Jewish members called Hoopsa Smikum.


A document of serving in partisan unit Tshapajeu of the Brigade Voroshilov. Translated from Russian, it is titled "Belorussian Command of the Partisan Movement". It was issued on November 24th, 1947, to a partisan named Alperovich Morduch. It reads "In response to your letter, I inform you we do not provide copies of documents confirming service in partisan units. We confirm you were in the partisan detachment of the name of Chepayev, of the Brigade of the name of Voroshilov from 29 [month unclear], 1944 until [unclear] 1944 in the capacity of an [unclear]".

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From: ruth weinstein <wein18146@gl.com>


lately I found among my father's pictures the picture of this man

The name attached is: Baruch Markman Kurenets 

Can you give me more information about him?

My father's name was Jeshua Burg (or Borg) and he was born in Tishovitz, Poland

Thank you for any help,
Ruth Weinstein, Israel
Dear Ruth, 
Many years ago (1990s) I spoke to a holocaust survivor from the area of Kurenets. She told me about other holocaust survivors, such as Sonya (nee Dimenstein from Dolhinov and her husband Baruch Markman from Kurenets, who now live in New Haven
Benjamin Baruch Markman 
May 5, 1917 
Kurenets, Belarus
September 8, 2002 (85) 
New Haven, New Haven County, Connecticut, United States
Immediate Family:
Son of zeev Volf Markman 
Husband of Sonia markman 
Father of Wesley Markman and Frances Goldstein