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R' Zalmen & Rachel Katz from Postavy

May 6, 2004
Eilat shalom,
As promised, I am sending some material about Postavy.
We searched and found old pages with memories written in Hebrew by Rachel's (my wife's) father, Lipman Katz. He wrote about his family.
Lipman's parents were Rachel and Zalmen Katz (pictured). They were both born in Postavy during the second half of the 19th Century. They both passed away in Nizhni Novgorod (Gorkiy) USSR, Rachel in 1929, Zalmen in 1925.
Nine children were born to Zalmen and Rachel in Postavy, five daughters (Nehama, Sore Feyge, Liba, Yida and Leah) and four sons (Eliyahoo, Mendl, Shmuel and Lipman).
The entire family left Postavy to Nizhni at the outbreak of WWI. After the war Mendl returned to Postavy, Eliyahoo went to Kovno, Lipman made Aliya to Eretz Israel. He married Assia nee Dobrin from Kiev and built his house a Tel Aviv where my wife Rachel was born.
Yakov, Mendl's son, came from Postavy to his uncle Lipman's home in Palestine before the outbreak of WWII. Mendl with the rest of his family perished in Postavy. Eliyahoo's family perished in Kovno. Shmuel and three sisters survived the war in Russia. We tried to contact them but did not succeed.
Moshe Porat