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Rabbi Benjamin Skidelsky

From Antopol Yizkor Book (page 93)

Born in Slonim to his father Itzhak in 1889. He received ordination
from Rabbi Mordehai'le of Slonim and also Rabbi Haim of Brisk.

One of his teachers was Rabbi Moshe Ginzburg of Samargan. When he married
Henya, daughter of Mr. Yaakov Haim, the butcher, he gave him as part of
the dowry, some of the butchering business in Antopol, where he was
butcher until he left for America in 1920. In America he was an examiner
for the Kraft company. He died in 1945.

In America he associated with the greatest rabbis and he exchanged Torah
ideas with Rabbi Moshe Soloveitchik, Rabbi Moshe Rosen (author of
several books) and other luminaries.

He was recognized among the Antopol rabbis in America as a lover of
Torah and a lover of humanity.

May his memory be a blessing.