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Vilna Stories
by Scott Noar
This account of the Vilna Ghetto is a brief description of what my
Vilna relatives lived and died through. It is not meant to replace
the more thorough books and diaries written by those who survived the
When my wife and I had the opportunity to visit Vilnius, in August
1999, we were given a tour of Vilnius that included the story of the
ghetto. It was a very moving experience. I had heard many stories of
the holocaust before. This was different because it was the story of
my family. This part of holocaust history is personal. It is also
personal for anyone whose relatives lived in Vilna (Vilnius) as of
June 22, 1941.
For the Jewish community of Vilna, the ending began on Sunday, June
22, 1941 (27 Sivan 5701). "The clear blue, happy sky has become
transformed into a mighty volcano which has showered the city with
bombs. It has become clear to all: the Hitlerites have attacked our
land." Y. Rudashevski, Diary of the Vilna Ghetto.
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