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Lithuanian Jews from the City of Vilna in the Polish Army as Prisoners-of-War, in Germany at Goerlitz or Ludwigsdorf in 1941. Shep Zitler is sitting in the second row on the far right.
My private hell started six months before the war began. In February 1939, I was drafted into the Polish army. The army was the first time that I associated with Poles. In Vilna, the Jews lived on one side of the street and the Poles lived on the other side. We spoke Yiddish and Russian. My Polish accent was not that great. The Polish soldiers laughed at me.
In the Polish army we had a lieutenant named Walchek. He was skinny, six feet tall, handsome and he had boots that shined like a mirror. On his office he had a sign which read: ENTRY IS FORBIDDEN TO JEWS AND DOGS. We, Jews, were told, "First we are going to take care of the Germans, then we are going to take care of you." How did I feel going against my enemy, the Germans, fighting with my second enemy, the Poles? ..... for the rest click;

About Shep Zitler
Place of Birth: Vilnius, Lithuania
Date of Birth: May 27, 1917
Life During Wartime: Soldier and Prisoner of War
Current Occupation: Salesman
Family: Married, One Son Listen to Shep ZitlerBei Mir Bist Du Shein
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